We process these species: beef, pork, deer, buffalo, elk, lamb, goat, or call for more information.

For over 30 years now custom processing has been a main focus of our business. To provide quality processing for the way you want it has always been our goal.

We can provide custom processing for you on beef, pork, buffalo, elk, lamb, goat, deer or we can provide official processing through inspection of your beef, pork, buffalo, elk, lamb or goat. We enjoy helping local producer’s process animals that they take to various markets throughout Iowa to sell and provide to their customers. Bringing a little bit of their farm to your home. If you are looking to purchase beef, pork or other species we can help provide that service to you through official slaughter and processing.

We have also provided some general guideline cutting sheets for beef and pork along with deer price guideline. All is subject to change at any time.

Custom processing pricing can extremely vary from species to what you have done. We do list a rough range of what you can possibly expect for cost of processing. Please call if you have any questions so we can give you a more accurate estimate of cost based on what and how you want your processing done.

Example: If you have an animal processed as all fresh cuts, your processing could be on the lower end depending on dressed weight of animal. If you have an animal processed fresh cuts, various extras made ex: sticks, jerky, patties, sausages, your cost of processing will go higher depending on amounts made and size of dressed animal.


General Price To Process
¼ – $150-$200
whole – $600-$800


General Price To Process
½ – $75-$175
whole – $150-$350

Pork Cutting Instructions


General Price To Process



General Price To Process


General Price To Process


General Price To Process

Deer processing sheet


General Price To Process