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At a young age Steve learned so much more than just knowing what he wanted to do as he grew up watching his father. Irv showed him how working hard and earning peoples trust through hard work, determination and customer service by providing quality products customers deserved. All while making it with a smile and having that old world pride that when creating something by hand meant so much more than just a finished product.

We believe for us that it is not just about having a job or business to live for, or a product to make, but to build and instill something that means so much more than the finished product. It’s about life lessons, passion, tradition, generations to come, family (immediate, employees, customers & you) and the final smile comes with the last bite.

This industry has been a family tradition for generations. Steve’s father Irv (Irv’s Jerky) has been in this industry for decades from owning grocery stores to custom processing. Grandpa Irv and Steve purchased Arcadia Meats in 1976, which was the best investment Steve made as in the same year he meet Linda, married in 1977 and she had given him 5 wonderful (but ornery) boys. In 1980 Irv and Steve sold the business to pursue different venture’s in the food industry, but in 1985 the processing business pulled Steve, and this time Linda, back to Arcadia where they purchased back Arcadia Meats and have owned the facility since. Grandpa Irv worked off and on with Steve creating the famous Irv’s Jerky and many other products till the day he passed in 1996 (severely missed). Grandpa Irv lives on every day and time someone buys and bites some of his famous jerky. As time has moved forward so had the facility from remodels to additions. The same can be said for the 5 boys. All the boys have worked and helped shaped the facility (not without some gray hair) as both have grown over the decades. We hope you have time to stop, have a conversation, see our facility, and try some of our products especially to take a bite out of grandpa (Irv’s jerky). Wishing you a wonderful life and a full stomach. The Julin’s (Arcadia Meats)



Phone: (712) 689-2435
Address: 102 Main Street, Arcadia, IA 51430 Click here for directions
M-F 8am – 5 pm (Open over noon hours.)
Sat 9am – 12 pm
Sun – Closed

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